A Chance To Join The FanHub Team!? ?

Are you passionate about your club and its fanbase? ?

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Sunday 26th September 00:00 ??

FanHub are changing the game for fans and in the longer term we’re looking to recruit just one fan from each club to join us.

Our app has been spreading through fanbases like wildfire with our commitment to recognise and reward the game’s greatest asset. ?

Following our recent announcement to distribute a pair of free tickets to the top 3 fans of EVERY EFL club EVERY month, we’re already working hard on more rewards. 

If you love your club, believe that fans deserve better and are highly motivated, we welcome your application to lead a revolution! ?

Specific Duties:

  • Identify individuals from your club’s fanbase that deserve recognition: those that go the extra mile to help other fans/raise money for charity etc
  • Co-ordinate competitions that we may run within your fanbase
  • Co-ordinate rewards with our central team
  • Co-ordinate comms with charities that we can support
  • Take ownership of your clubs fanhub community, reporting any potential improvements (squad data, content creators)
  • Be a part of the team on a mission to change the game for fans

To start with we’ll appoint just twelve FanHub Game Changers.

If this is something that excites you, we welcome your application below.

Please list the URLs for your any relevant social media profiles e.g. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook Page
Please tell us why your fanbase deserves to be one of the first to be rewarded.
Please tell us why why you think your fanbase would listen to you?
Please tell us why we should invite you to become a FanHub Game Changer.

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