Fan Loyalty



Get Your Mates Involved

Set up a group called a “Clan” with the mates that you go to matches with to compete against other Clans.

Earn Tokens For Following Your Team

Fans will be able to check in using the FanHub app when at the stadium watching their team to earn tokens called “Moola”.

Our #fansfirst Mission

As is obvious watching games played behind closed doors, the atmosphere created by fans contributes significant value to the “match day product” – we just receive nothing for that. FanHub’s mission is to recognise and reward the contribution of the fans.


Which Club Has The Best Fans?

Check out leaderboards in the app to see how you and your clans compare against the country’s most loyal fanbases.


Have Your Say

We’re building the app that the fans want and we’d love to get your view. Follow the link below to have your say.