Fan Loyalty



Invite Your Mates

To earn more Moola, invite your mates to join your Clan. Each Clan can consist of up to 50 fans and as well as earning Moola for each friend that joins you, you’ll earn bonus Moola when Clan members check in at the same match.

Earn Moola As You Follow Your Team

Download the FanHub app to start earning every time you’re in the stadium to support your team. It only takes a few seconds to check in through the app and you’ll be rewarded with tokens called Moola.

Which Club Has The Most Loyal Fans?

Have you ever discussed how you or your club’s fans compare with others? Check out our leaderboards to see how you, your Clan and your club fare against the UK’s top fans.

Accumulation Phase

Fans can earn tokens from the start of the 20/21 season so download the app, invite your friends and start accumulating Moola. The “trading phase” will commence once FanHub has reached 50,000 users from which point you will be able to trade your Moola.


How It Works

We believe that fan loyalty should be both recognised and rewarded which we’ve delivered using blockchain technology. Whereas bitcoin miners are rewarded through a system called “proof of work” which rewards them for setting up computers to solve complex mathmatical problems, we have created a “proof of loyalty” protocol to enable fans to earn Moola that may be traded for cash in the future.


Our Mission

Football has changed unrecognisably over a generation and every party involved – broadcasters, agents, betting companies, managers, players and clubs have seen significant financial benefit other than us, the fans.

In fact watching the game we love has never been more expensive, with many fans spending up to £2,000 per season following their team.

FanHub are on a mission to change that by rewarding fans for their loyalty.