Become your club's

ultimate fan


Save money on travel

Travel and accommodation costs more than any other aspect of following your team. Once you’ve installed the app, FanHub automatically knows where and when you need to travel. The app shows your best train and hotel options – plus you’ll find that our tickets are on average £5 – £30 cheaper per journey!

Fan rewards

We believe that fan loyalty should be rewarded so we’ve partnered with some of the world’s biggest brands to reward you as you follow your team. Just check in using the FanHub app whilst you’re at the stadium to earn discounts and vouchers for music, pizza, hotels, parking and other treats!

Be the best fan

As you check in to FanHub, the app records how many miles you’re travelling and compiles a leaderboard of the top fans, both for your own team and all FanHub users around the UK.


We work closely with clubs to reward and recognise their fanbases for their loyal support. Whether providing your own rewards or working with partners, the FanHub app is an innovative way to engage your fans.



The FanHub app offers an activation opportunity that is authentic, relevant and highly targeted. How could your brand benefit from being placed on the terraces alongside the fans as they experience the highs and lows of following their team?


Our Mission

FanHub’s mission is to make your life easier as you follow your team.

Expensive train tickets, frustrating kick off times for the benefit of overseas audiences, endless miles on the motorway, new strips every year…

We know that you can’t beat the feeling of watching your team live at the stadium, but it’s not getting any easier or cheaper is it?

FanHub is on your side.