FANHUB UPDATE: How we’re measuring Fan Loyalty

Welcome to the second FanHub update; this week we’re going to focus on the ongoing development of the game-changing FanHub app. We’ve made great progress and are hoping to have a firm release date in the coming weeks.

We’ve partnered with Blue Sparrow Apps to build the FanHub app, and it’s been a great journey so far. After many hours on Zoom calls, we all believe we’re closing in on an app that fans are going to love. We’ve created something truly unique that will see fans recognised for their loyalty.

Measuring fan loyalty

The FanHub FanRating represents a fans loyalty to their club.

We want to see fans recognised for their passion and loyalty to their club and that’s why we’ve created the FanRating. Your FanRating represents your loyalty and is a calculation based on several factors that we believe prove you’re a great fan.

Content consumption

Fans that live and breathe their clubs cannot be without the latest on their club! We believe that fan content is the future, and that’s why we feature the latest fan content within the app. Your consumption of this content plays a part in your FanRating.


There are many apps out there that allow fans to predict scores, but this doesn’t prove you know anything about your club. Scores are unpredictable by nature (this is why the game has so many ups and downs!) and so we wanted to introduce a way of fans proving they know their club, and their manager, better than the rest. That’s why we’ve built the FanHub Lineup Predictor. Predict the lineup for the next game, and prove once and for all that you know your club best. Your accuracy will affect your FanRating.


Finally, and arguably the most important of all, fans get behind their team passionately on a match day. They are their clubs twelfth man and with the recent pandemic we are seeing all too clearly how important fans are to the game we love. That’s why we track the games you attend with FanHub. Not only will you build up your profile and stats as a fan (more on this in a later update), but you’ll improve your FanRating based on following your team up and down the country. Whether you’re a season ticket holder only attending the home games, or taking the train to Carlisle away on a Tuesday night, your loyalty will be recognised in your FanRating based on your miles travelled.

Become the top fan!

Your FanRating will place you on the Fan Leaderboards, and will see you prove yourself as not just the top fan of your club, but across the whole country. Prove once and for all who’s got the best fans, and be recognised for your loyalty! Those that top the leaderboards will also receive increased rewards, but more on that in a later update! ?

FEATURE COMPLETE: The FanHub Lineup Predictor

One feature that was finished recently is the Predict The Lineup feature.

Before every game, predict the lineup that your manager is going to set out, and prove you know your club best. You can update your prediction up until two hours before the game – fans with their finger on the pulse will therefore be able to react to the latest injury news.

We know that some managers, rightly or wrongly, love to tinker with unusual formations! So fans have complete flexibility to customise the formation in our predictor – simply drag and drop each player to the desired position.

The FanHub Lineup Predictor

Tough decisions

Not all decisions have been easy, though. Just last week we decided to switch out a feature we’ve long been committed to in favour of another – as we opted to introduce a virtual sticker book to the app over a clans feature.

All fans will have bought a pack of stickers growing up, eager to fill their albums with that elusive limited edition David Beckham.. so we’re bringing it back! Fans using the FanHub app will get nostalgic as they’re awarded with virtual stickers as they support their club.

Got 11/11 on your lineup prediction? You’ll earn the bronze “know it all” sticker. But you’ll need to get it right another nine times to fill out those empty spots in the album with the silver and gold stickers.

The feature that’s missed out in this particular version of the app is the Clans feature. In a future version of the app, fans will be able to create a clan and represent their club as a collective – climbing the Clan leaderboard to prove they’re the best group of fans that their club, and the country, has. ?

If you’re keen to see Clans, be sure to let us know!

Change is coming!

Thanks for reading the second of our FanHub updates. As we mentioned we’re looking to nail down a release date soon, but don’t forget there’s not long to get access at first release. Those that are not on our early access list will have to join the waitlist. Be sure to sign up at

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