FanHub Gameplay

Predict the lineup to prove you know your team best 👀

Each player you get right is worth one point on the prediction leaderboard.

If you get 11/11, you’ll win a mystery pack! 

Coming soon: Lineup prediction boosts. An exciting new way to increase your score to 12 out of 11 and beyond! 🤯

Check-in at the stadium or from home 🏟

When you check-in at the stadium, you’ll win a mystery pack! 

Be sure to activate mileage tracking by setting your home location, and your mileage will be added to your stats and mileage leaderboard score.

Coming soon: earn a mystery pack by checking in remotely five times! 😎

Get the latest from the FanHub feed! 📝

The content feed features all of the best fan content and local media for your team. Blogs, vlogs, podcasts: FanHub has got them all.

Each time a content creator gets a view via FanHub, they will earn FanFi. So be sure to check out and share their stuff via FanHub to show your support!

Know a potential content feed we’ve missed? Apply here.

Coming soon: earn a mystery pack by completing your content streak each week! 🤩

Build your fan stats 📊

Every time you check-in at a game, we keep a log of the cool stuff so you don’t have to!

You’ll be able to see a historic record of how many wins, losses, goals, even red cards you saw both for your team and the opposition – as well as which grounds you’ve visited on away days! 🍻

You can also see other fans stats by viewing their profile from the leaderboard.

Coming soon: view a map of the stadiums you’ve visited on your travels! 🗺

Earn FanFi as you follow your team 💰

FanFi is FanHub’s in-game currency which you can earn by following your team in the FanHub app. We’ll be constantly adding ways for you to use FanFi, initially within the app…

But who knows where this journey will take us as a community #changingthegame for fans?! ✊

FanFi can be earned:

  • In mystery packs
  • For receiving engagement on your content in the FanHub feed
  • For inviting friends into the community with your golden tickets 🎟

Open mystery packs to find exciting items and rewards 🎁

Free pints at the pub, FanFi or lineup predictor game boosts… what will be in your FanHub mystery pack?

Mystery packs can be earned by:

  • Checking in at matches
  • Getting 11/11 on your lineup predictions
  • Completing a content streak