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FanHub App 📲

The FanRating is a score out of 100, made up of four factors: lineup prediction accuracy, match check ins, miles travelled to games, and content feed engagement.

These are split evenly, so to achieve the very top score, you’ll need to be smashing every factor week in week out.

We recommend you check out the FanRating Breakdown Page within your profile tab to see what areas you need to improve upon.

We know that the FanRating scoring system is not perfect and we’re actively building a new scoring system for next season (22-23). Please bare with us as we build this!

Fill out the application form here.

We trust the fans in the community to bring in other fans that deserve to be rewarded, so we give them golden tickets to share with others occasionally. 

If you’re stuck in the waitlist, keep an eye out on social media.

Unfortunately we are not able to retrospectively add stadium check ins to your account. 

You are however able to add past matches to your Fan Stats page for your own use (releasing Feb 2022).

FanHub relies on a third party data supplier for our squad data. Recently we have experienced issues with the accuracy and timeliness in which they update new transfers and youth players.

We have worked hard to try and adapt to this situation, including releasing a new version of FanHub to work around some of their mistakes. 

As part of these changes you are now likely to see ex players, that have played for your club but left this season, remain listed in the squad picker. This isn’t something we will be able to fix this season, so please ignore these.

Unfortunately it is inevitable that despite our changes, some squads will not be updated as fast as we’d like. We’re sorry about this. 

Plans are already underway for the summer months where we will switch to a new data supplier to ensure our squad data is much more reliable for next season. 

In better news, we will have an announcement VERY SOON regarding the launch of more rewards – and we know you’re going to love this one! 🍻🍺

Thanks for your support.

Usually this is caused by your location services settings, which will need to be enabled for the FanHub app.

For iOS: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207092

For Android: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6179507?hl=en

If you are still having issues, there was a known bug in iOS 15.1 that caused issues with location services access. Please ensure you are on the latest version of the OS for your device.  And if you were on iOS 15.1, you will likely need to reinstall the app after you have updated.

$FANFI is allocated based on the number of check ins across FanHub in a given week. This means that the more people that check in on FanHub, the less $FANFI is earned for a check in.

This means early members of the FanHub community are rewarded for their early contribution. Earn as many as you can to load up before they decrease!

FanHub Rewards 💯

At the end of every month, the top three of every EFL clubs leaderboard within the FanHub app will win a pair of free tickets. Unfortunately it is only EFL Championship, EFL League One and EFL League Two at this moment in time, but we’re always working hard to deliver more rewards.

Unfortunately due to EFL regulations we are only able to offer home league tickets as FanHub Rewards. If you are unable to make use of your free tickets, drop us an email on rewards@fan-hub.com and we can make suggestions.

Please reach out to the supplier with your query on fanhub@weticketit.com

Please check your spam folder. If you still cannot find your email, contact our supplier on fanhub@weticketit.com

Still need help?

We recommend you join our Discord, where members of the community and team can help. Just drop a question in the #ask-fanhub channel! 

Alternatively, fill out the  contact form. But you will get a faster response via Discord.