Best Fans in the Premier League

So who are the best fans in the Premier League? Newcastle United? Aston Villa? Leeds United?

Even though fans attending games seems further away than ever, we must not forget that the fans are the true heart of the beautiful game. Without the fans, football is nothing!

And whilst it is not up for debate that fans are one of the most important elements of the game we all love, who has the best fans is a much talked about and subsequently controversial topic.

Fans around the country have been doing their best to get their voices heard and remind the general public that they are the true heart and moral compass of the most popular sport in the world. This is evident by the fact that Premier League fans have boycotted the PPV games and raised over £300,000 for different charities over the last few weeks. This is clearly an incredible effort and further highlights football as a game for and about the working class people.

So with all of these recent developments, I thought I would take a look at who has the best fans in the Premier League.

If your team didn’t make the cut, stick around till the end for some honourable mentions.

Newcastle United

In footballing terms, Newcastle United have had many ups and downs over the last few decades. From squandering an incredible 12 point lead over Manchester United in the mid-90s, to a surprising fifth place finish in 2012, to two separate stints in England’s second tier. But one thing has always remained undeniably amazing about The Magpies, and that is their fans!

Even in the Championship, you would never see empty seats at St. James’. The Geordies love their football and on match days they produce one of the best atmospheres in the country.

Newcastle fans were the first to boycott the controversial PPV games. They raised an estimated £19,000 for local food banks and they have  paved the way for other fans to follow suit and help spread the word of this important movement.

You really can’t argue about Newcastle United’s inclusion on this list.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolves have the loudest fans in the Premier League! If anyone has taken a trip to a raucous Molineux on a chilly Saturday night you will know that the atmosphere is more than intimidating!

Coupling this with the love Wolves fans have for their team (if you take a leisurely stroll through Wolverhampton city centre you will see Wolves tops and scarves galore) proves it would be criminal not to include them on this list.


From one fanbase that knows how to produce an electric atmosphere to another. Liverpool are currently on a 63 game unbeaten run at home, the second longest in Premier League history, and it can be argued that their incredible unbeaten run is largely due to intimidating and electric atmosphere produced on a match day by their fans.

It is widely known that no one wants to play at Anfield on a European night as the buzz around the stadium can prove too much for opposing teams, the great Barcelona learnt this the hard way after suffering a crushing 4-0 loss on one such night.

Liverpool fans have also recently raised over £100,000 in less than 24 hours by boycotting their PPV game against Sheffield United, an amazing effort.

Leeds United

Even when dropping down to England’s third tier, Elland Road would regularly sell out for home games, such is the loyalty and devotion of the ever growing Leeds fanbase.

Many wanted to see Leeds United back in England’s top flight just so they could take a trip to the famous home of Leeds United, and whilst fans still aren’t allowed back into stadiums, many fans are still happy to see Leeds back at the summit of English football.

Leeds are no exception to the boycotting of PPV games. Their fans have raised over £40,000 for local banks by missing out on their sides impressive 3-0 win against Villa.

Manchester United

The thing about the Red Devils’ fanbase is, it’s so big! Similar to their arch rivals Liverpool, people regularly accuse sections of the fanbase of glory hunting. However, it is undeniable that the core of the Man United fanbase is as passionate and as loyal as they come. Manchester United always fill the biggest stadium in the country, and their support on the road is fantastic.

And there we have it! Five of the best sets of fans in the Premier League. Whilst I know some of these picks might be controversial, I believe I have presented some stern reasons for all of these clubs to be included. After all, it was very difficult to narrow it down to just five.

I promised you some honoured mentions, and they include Aston Villa, Arsenal, Everton and Crystal Palace.

Your thoughts: the best fans in the Premier League

If you think there are any other clubs that should have made the cut, please leave them in the comments below.

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