Claim your NFT Season Card!

An upgradeable NFT that boosts your $FANFI earnings.

Your Season Card is made up of three attributes....

… and you’ll earn $FANFI in FanHub for each of these attributes!


Checking in at matches


Lineup and Score predictions


Content creation

Boosted Gradient Card

Boost your Season Card with ticket NFTs!

To increase your $FANFI earnings for each attribute , earn ticket NFTs from mystery packs, or buy on the marketplace!

How do you get a Season Card NFT?

Mystery Packs

Earned throughout FanHub and can contain any ticket or Season Card NFTs!

Burn Tickets

By burning one of each type of ticket, you can mint your very own Season Card to hold or sell on!


Jump into the marketplace and buy the Season Card that best suits you. Start boosting your $FANFI right away!

Trade on the marketplace

Don’t want to boost your Season Card? Sell any unused NFTs on the marketplace – or acquire the boosts you need to make insane $FANFI earnings! Every fan is different.

Finally - it PAYS to be a fan!

Season Card NFTs enable fans to earn life-changing sums when following their teams.

Check In At Stadium​

£ 1000 per season
Cool Number

Score and Lineup Predictions

£ 1000 per season
Cool Number

Creating Content​

£ 1000 per season
Cool Number

Loan a Season Card

Haven’t managed to get your hands on a Season Card yet? No problem! Get one on loan from the marketplace – your boosted $FANFI earnings will be split with the owner 50/50.