Sport is nothing without the fans.

The FanHub platform unlocks the ability for brands to become an authentic part of the fan experience. Offer value to fans with your marketing, rather than being a burden on them.


Engaged fans


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Authentically place your brand at the heart of the fan experience

Traditional advertising methods are a burden on the fan experience, and have become ineffective. At best, they are an inefficient method of reaching fans. Your brand can do better. Challenges enable your brand to authentically place itself at the heart of fan behaviour, building a lasting affinity and connection with fans as they compete together to win your challenge.


Have fans compete to win your brand rewards!

As fans follow their teams via the FanHub app, they earn an in-game currency which can be spent on a marketplace. Listing a reward on this store allows your product, service or platform to reach tens of thousands of sports fans each week, while also showcasing your brand as something sought after by the community. 

Case Studies

We Love Sport

Stonegate Group made their pubs the "place to be" on a matchday by rewarding fans via FanHub with free pints across the UK. Fans took to social media to share their thanks, and took their mates with them - driving new customers and powerful brand affinities.


FOCO created a buzz around their brand by enabling fans to spend their hard-earned game currency on vouchers to purchase sports merchandise.


The registered charity grew awareness of their cause throughout football by running a challenge with the FanHub app. This also further engaged their existing community and created positive social momentum.

Sky Bet

Sky Bet utilised the FanHub app to reward the most deserving fans with free tickets to attend EFL matches.

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