Marketplace Pint Purchases

The voucher you purchased must be used by its expiry date, we cannot provide refunds.

BrewDog Beer Options

Brewdog Planet Pale (UK standard pint)
Brewdog Punk IPA (UK standard pint)
Brewdog Lost Lager (UK standard pint)
Brewdog Hazy Jane (UK standard pint)
Brewdog Punk AF (330ml bottle)
Brewdog Nanny State (330ml bottle).

How do I redeem?

Pints can be redeemed at any We Love Sport pub – a full list can be found here. When at the bar, simply say that you would like to redeem a We Love Sport voucher code.

For a large selection of the pubs, you can also use the My Pub app to order directly to your table – but not every pub on My Pub accepts We Love Sport voucher codes.

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2.3 Each customer may only redeem one code in any 24 hour period.

2.4 Upon receipt of a code, you must claim your complimentary product within 7 days.


3.1 Our supplier may stop providing certain products, or certain products may become unavailable for redemption. If this happens they may offer you what is, in their opinion, a suitable alternative where possible. If no suitable alternative can be offered, in our reasonable opinion, we may at our discretion extend the period in which you are able to redeem your code for the product.

3.2 If we or one of our partners decide to cancel this promotion, then this contract shall be terminated with immediate effect.

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FanHub Merchandise

How do I redeem?

Head to the product URL via the app and apply the code at checkout. This will discount the price of the product 100% and you will get it for free!