Report Missing Player

⚠ We're sorry you've encountered a squad issue within the FanHub Lineup Predictor.

FanHub relies on a third party data supplier for our squad data. Recently we have experienced issues with the accuracy and timeliness in which they update new transfers and youth players.

We have worked hard to try and adapt to this situation, including releasing a new version of FanHub to work around some of their mistakes. 

As part of these changes you are now likely to see ex players, that have played for your club but left this season, remain listed in the squad picker. This isn’t something we will be able to fix this season, so please ignore these.

Unfortunately it is inevitable that despite our changes, some squads will not be updated as fast as we’d like. We’re sorry about this. 

Plans are already underway for the summer months where we will switch to a new data supplier to ensure our squad data is much more reliable for next season. 

In better news, we will have an announcement VERY SOON regarding the launch of more rewards – and we know you’re going to love this one! 🍻🍺

Thanks for your support.