What type of Game Changer are you?

Are you passionate about your club and its fanbase? 🙌

Our app has been spreading through fanbases like wildfire with our commitment to recognise and reward the game’s greatest asset! FanHub are changing the game for fans and in the longer term we’re looking to recruit just two fans from each club to join us. 💪

Following our recent announcement to distribute a pair of free tickets to the top 3 fans of EVERY EFL club EVERY month, we’re already working hard on more rewards.

If you love your club, believe that fans deserve better and are highly motivated, we welcome your application to lead a revolution! 👏

We’ve decided to identify two specific types of Game Changer within our community. To progress your application, please let us know which of these two roles would fit you best….


Bring fans into FanHub by spreading the word and scouting great content creators


Welcome new fans to the app and be the first point of contact for any questions
FanHub Game Changer
The club you support.
Select the type of Game Changer you feel you could offer most value as, based on the image above.
Explain what makes you perfect for the role you have selected