The FanHub app

The must-have app for football fans

We are building an app for football fans that will change the game. An app to put #fansfirst.

We’ve built an app that will allow fans to receive the recognition and reward that their loyalty deserves. By travelling to games, keeping up with the latest fan content and proving you’re a loyal fan, you’ll build a FanScore. Your FanScore will see you climb the leaderboards, become the top fan, and earn recognition and reward like your loyalty deserves.

Available on iOS and Android, FanHub is the must-have app for football fans. Be sure to get signed up early, and be among the first to earn rewards.

Build your FanScore, climb the leaderboard, become the top fan

Whether it’s travelling to home and away games, checking out the latest fan blog, or just predicting the lineup correctly, your FanScore represents your loyalty to your club.

Track your Fan Stats

With FanHub you can keep track of the games you’ve attended, miles you’ve travelled, grounds you have visited, and even things like how many goals and how many wins. Compare with your mates and track your loyalty.

Real content from real fans

The media have fallen behind, fans want real content from other fans. Our app showcases the very best in fan content. Podcasts, blogs, and vlogs.

Be rewarded for your loyalty

Your FanScore will place you on a leaderboard. The top fans will be rewarded for their loyalty to their club. Earn money by travelling to games. Be paid to watch football.