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The game has changed. Fans don’t want to hear what distant pundits are saying about their club, which is usually way off the mark. They want to hear what other passionate fans like themselves are saying – these are the thought leaders.

The FanHub 100

Real content by real fans.

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Only the 100 most influential fan content creators feature in The FanHub 100.

Commercial Opportunities

FanHub has access to global brands and opportunities, and being a member of The FanHub 100 will open doors for you to generate revenue for your content.


As a member of The FanHub 100, your content will be featured in the FanHub app, as we progress on our mission to put #FansFirst.

Be a part of our journey as we build a game-changing app, rewarding loyalty and empowering fans.


We recognise that your success is not about how big the fan-base of your club is, but rather how much your fan-base loves your content.

In The FanHub 100, we will ensure you receive the recognition you deserve, with exclusive awards events.


Join other like-minded and passionate football content creators in a community that can help you reach the next-level!

Connect with loyal fans like you, helping each other to take that next step through knowledge-sharing and teamwork.


Members of The FanHub 100 always gain access to our toolkit. We will also be hosting training webinars with guest speakers, so you can learn and develop your skills.

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