Football is nothing without fans

Football was created by the working class, but in recent years has had its heart ripped out by large corporates and media giants. They attempt to take advantage of our passion, determined to get our hard-earned cash out of our wallets at every turn.

We’ve now seen football without fans in stadiums and it’s proven what we already knew – football really is nothing without fans. We’re still watching the same teams, with the same players, but it just isn’t the game we all know and love. In the EFL Supporters Survey from 2019, 84 per cent of supporters listed “the atmosphere in the stadium and amongst the fans” as their motivation to attend live football.

Think back to when you started supporting your beloved club. It wasn’t for the performances on the pitch, no, it was the rivalries, the traditions, the atmospheres – it was your fellow fans that led you to become the fan that you are. And yet the game has forgotten us, and continues to treat us as second-class citizens. This isn’t right, and it doesn’t have to be this way.

Football Without Fans Is Nothing

It’s time for change.

We are building a fan-owned media giant of our own that believes we fans deserve more for our contribution. Fans will be recognised for the loyalty they show to their clubs, and will be rewarded for their passion.

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