FanHub provides the following guidance for fan content creators on how we evaluate their content for inclusion on the FanHub Content Platform.

Editorial Requirements

  • Your content must be of a consistently high quality – this includes grammar, punctuation and readability. All content should be proof-read.
  • Your content must be original and substantial.

Technical Considerations

  • Your articles must be categorised by either club or league, and RSS feeds must be available for the category you wish to submit.
  • Your website must be mobile-responsive.
  • Your website must run on a reliable web server.

Code Of Conduct

  • FanHub reserves the right to reject content if it deems it not in the best interests of its users.
  • Causing duplication of content, or attempting to manipulate the FanHub Content Platform, will not be tolerated.
  • Sites with excessive advertising may be declined.

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