We’re a community of fans that may be divided by rivalries, but we’re united in our belief that without us, the game is nothing.

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What the fans are saying...

"This app brings news and podcasts into one place. You can even snoop on the opposition with ease. It's fun, easy to use and leaderboards drive you to earn points for the good of your team. This app has got me into fans podcasts, as they are soo easily accessible on here. Looking forward to future updates, the one stop shop of club news... RIP NewsNow"
Thomas Knight
iOS user
"This app has changed the way footie fans interact. Plenty of info and up-to-date news and a chance to show how much you know your team. Can't wait to clock some miles when fans are back in grounds. Only downside can be the long wait to join, but if you find someone with a golden ticket you can jump straight in"
Portsmouth fan
"Cheers FanHub for coming up with this. My four sons and my goodself are all Bluenoses. We all have the app on our devices. It brings with it a sense of community within the whole of the football family and not just our own club. Keep Right On with it and thanks again"
Birmingham City fan
"This app is fantastic. Loving the team selection aspect. Can't wait to use it on a match day with fans back. I'm not normally one for these types of apps or computer games etc, but this is much more interactive & real! Absolutely brilliant! Looking forward to more additions to it - well done FanHub!"
Bristol Rovers fan


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