What is FanHub Fives?

We’ve recently just launched FanHub fives – our awesome new feature that allows you to compete against ALL other fans on FanHub to guess the outcomes of five specially-picked games each week?

What is FanHub Fives?
Our new FanHub Fives feature…

How does FanHub Fives work?

Twice a week, we’re picking five games which will form a round of FanHub Fives.

Before the specified deadline in the app, fans will have to choose between the three result outcomes – home win, draw, away win – for each of the five games.

Points are then awarded for each correct answer.

How does point scoring work?

Each correct answer will earn you at least five points – but your fourth and fifth will earn you bonus points:

1 correct = 5 points

2 correct = 10 points

3 correct = 15 points

4 correct = 25 points

5 correct = 50 points

What happens when I win?

We’ve now added a leaderboard to FanHub Fives – tracking whose predictions have been the best so far!

And, for the World Cup 2022, we’ve made a promise – whoever finishes TOP of the Fives leaderboard at the end of the World Cup month will win themselves a YEAR OF BEER* complimentary of FanHub

We’ll also soon be adding an extra FanFi twist…

How are FanHub Fives games selected?

We’re currently manually selecting games – and we’re pickingones that are exciting and keep people engaged.

If there’s a big game that week, you can be sure that it’ll find its way onto Fives!

BUT… We are partial to throwing in the odd curveball. Better brush up on your National League knowledge if you’re not familiar already!

We’ll be looking to include as many games as possible throughout the 2022 World Cup.

It’s not possible to get 5/5!

We thought that at first – but, on just the second round of our demo Fives with the #InnerCircle, a Forest Green fan managed to nail a 5/5!

We then saw plenty of users bag themselves their first 5/5s as we went public with Fives – but maybe we made it too easy…

It’s not easy – you’ve just got to know your football well!

Where can I get tips for FanHub Fives?

We will soon be publishing a short article each week with tips and news on each of the feature games – helping you get those picks right!

If you’ve not already, download FanHub through this link now.

*Year of Beer = 12 x 6 packs of FanHub Beer (FanFuel & Game Changer). In the event of a draw between two or more users, we will go to a sudden death on future Fives roudns.

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  1. My fives has said it opens in 1 day for longer than a day and I don’t know why. How can I fix this? Thanks.

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