FanHub: We’re Back! ?

We’re back!

It turned out to be a big regret not adding international teams to FanHub last season, as England made it all the way to the final! ?

But after a long summer we’re buzzing to be back this weekend, as the EFL season kicks off.

We’ve seen over the last year with empty stadiums that the game is nothing without us, and yet we receive nothing for our contribution. With media giants continuing to suck the money out of the game, clubs aren’t able to help us, because they’re struggling to survive themselves!

That’s why we as fans need to take responsibility, and take on the corporates ourselves. That’s what FanHub is – we’re building a giant to take on the big boys that’s owned by us, THE FANS ?

We finished last season strong, with over 4000 fans joining the community, rallying behind us… but we were just getting warmed up.

It’s time to go again!

We’ve made tweaks based on your feedback, reset the FanRatings, and it’s time to take this to the next level! ?

? Got a golden ticket in the app? Get it used.

???? Get your first lineup predictions of the season in.

? Activate mileage tracking in the app – ahead of checking in at your first ground this weekend.

If you’re travelling to games this weekend, send us photos or videos of you and your mates on your travels using the #CTG on social media, and we’ll feature you! ?

Thanks for the support so far – let’s keep pushing so we can get fans the recognition and reward we deserve! ?


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