ANNOUNCEMENT: The First FanHub Rewards!

While you’ve been busy following your club up and down the country, checking in at grounds, we’ve been working tirelessly behind the scenes.

For too long, fans have been undervalued. The game is nothing without us.

We believe fans should be rewarded for their loyalty.

Great news…

We’re buzzing to announce the first FanHub Rewards! ?

The top three fans of every EFL club in FanHub will now win a pair of FREE TICKETS at the end of every month.

That’s 216 pairs – 432 tickets in total – EVERY MONTH! ??

FanHub are changing the game for fans.

This is just the beginning! ?

Better get building your FanRating…


3 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: The First FanHub Rewards!”

  1. Think the idea is brilliant shame my games slow down now as work taking over again,but still got to be in it you never know Blue Army

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