Who are the loudest home fans in League Two?

We’re moving into the final six games of the season now and, with a bit of luck, they’ll be the last six played behind-closed-doors. Phew.

It’s been a tough old season – but we’re nearly there. I’d do anything to
experience a cold, wet 1-0 defeat on a Tuesday night at this point.

Over the past few months, we’ve looked at each division’s best and loudest
fans. Sunderland, Plymouth and Portsmouth were some of the picks from League
One; Middlesbrough, Birmingham City and Nottingham Forest were some of the
Championship selections.

But now it’s time for League Two’s turn – my personal favourite division of
the four we currently cover on our app here at FanHub.

So, who do you think are the loudest home fans in League Two? Bolton?
Bradford? Forest Green? Here are my top five picks.

Bolton Wanderers @ The Unibol

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The UniBol stadium might not have been at its fullest in recent years, but Bolton fans really can make a racket and were a bit of a shoe in for this – hence putting them first.

As an away fan, you’ll typically be housed at the bottom of the two-tiered South Stand. The ‘vocal’ area of the Wanderers support is then to the right of you (or so I found…), who will get behind their side and really make an intimidating atmosphere.

But it wasn’t just that corner that got involved – it felt like the whole stadium would get behind their team when the need arose. Pretty rare stuff, nowadays.

Having been there as an away fan in a tiny, tiny following before, we were well outsung by the Wanderers fans – a top bunch, especially given what the club’s been going through in recent years. Though they may never see their side play a League Two game!

Exeter City @ St James Park

Exeter City's Big Bank picture gallery - Devon Live
Spot the Paul Tisdale (Credit: Devon Live)

You’ve got to love Exeter fans (unless you’re Argyle, that is).

The Big Bank is one of my personal favourite stands in English football, and I only hope I one day to get to spend a match stood in it. It’s also enough to earn them a spot on this list.

Noise aside, some of Exeter’s banners and flags at home are absolutely class. Clearly plenty of artistic talent about in that part of the country, as their county rivals have a fair few good ones as well (sorry, Grecians!).

Exeter fans have stuck loyally behind their club in recent disappointing years – fair play, guys!

Bradford City @ Valley Parade

Why we love Bradford City #1: Valley Parade
Credit: Bradford City

I’ve never actually been to Valley Parade myself (shock, I know ) – but I’ve watched one or two games on the tele and, even then, you can hear how loud the Bantams fans are. Surreal stuff.

Away from home, City fans are great. Plenty of colour, plenty of noise, plenty of people. You love it. Hard to beat.

But, at home, they’re seemingly just as good. Valley Parade is a huge ground, and they don’t let that intimidate them. I imagine it would be very tough making an atmosphere with a roof as high as that one, but they still manage to pull it off.

Definitely one I’ll finally be making a visit to next season when possible.

Carlisle United @ Brunton Park

FANS' FORUM: Book your place for Friday's forum - News - Carlisle United
Credit: Carlisle United

One word: underrated.

Their home attendances aren’t huge, and Brunton Park is a big ground, yet the Cumbrians can really get behind their team at their best.

I’ve said before that the Warwick Road End is my favourite stand in the whole of English football. It’s that sort of stuff that creates a good atmosphere, what we as fans go for.

Admittedly, the only time I’ve been is for one of their much larger attendances of 8000+ – but I’ve heard good things about them from other people.

Respect, Blues.

Oldham Athletic @ Boundary Park

Photos of the Oldham Athletic at Boundary Park
Credit: A View From My Seat

Another club that I think goes a little too far under the radar sometimes when it comes to their support.

Away from home, we know Oldham are great. I remember seeing a statistic a year or two back that the Latics had the best ratio of away to home fans in all professional divisions – fair play.

But at Boundary Park, I think they’re just as good. They’ve been through a lot in recent years, yet continue to get behind their team and make a racket.

The best bit about Oldham, though, is that all sides of the ground will give it. I remember that, last time I went, even the family stand to the left was ready to give our large-ish away following of a thousand a real go. Good scenes.

Credit to you, Latics fans, you’re a credit to your club – especially given how things have been going in recent times. Keep it up!

So, agree with my choices? Did I miss anyone? Tranmere Rovers, by any chance? Or any of you Forest Green lot? 😉

Let me know who you think the loudest home fans in League Two are below, or Tweet us in on @FanHub_Football. Keen to know your thoughts!

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