6 Best Premier League Goals Of All Time!

For almost 30 years, the Premier League has provide us with countless unbelievable sporting moments but one question that has seen much debate. And that question is of course; what is the best Premier League goal of all time?

Whilst this question is almost impossible to answer, it got me going through the archives to watch some stunning goals from years gone by. The Premier League has seen some of best goals to ever grace the sport. From last gasp winners, to incredible volleys, to fabulous individual efforts, to absolute rockets.

So today I will be looking at six of the best Premier League goals of all time in an effort to try and provide some kind of answer to the age old question. When evaluating different goals for this list, I was honestly shocked to see how many truly great goals there has been in the Premier League, I honestly could have made this list six times over.

However, I have decided to break down why I think these are six of the best goals of the Premier League era. I have decided to focus mainly on the quality of the goal in question whilst the occasion and who it was against do play a factor also.

So without further a do, let’s get to it.

Beckham vs Wimbledon, 1996

WOW Factor: 9
Importance: 3
Technique: 8
Opposition: 3

For my first pick I rather suitably have the oldest goal on this list and, quite incredibly I might add, the goal that was also scored on the first day of the 96/97 season which makes it the goal that came earliest in the season too.

This goal is one of the Premier League’s most iconic from arguably the most iconic player of the Premier League era. The technique is fantastic and it’s amazing to watch, like virtually every goal scored from your own half is. The only way this goal could have been more iconic is if it was more important overall, but nevertheless it’s a great goal.

Can vs Watford, 2017

Wow Factor: 9
Importance: 8
Technique: 10
Opposition: 2

There has been some truly astonishing bicycle kicks in the Premier League, Rooney’s iconic goal in the Manchester derby and Peter Crouch’s goal against Bolton springs to mind. However, I have to decided to go for Can’s stunner against Watford. The great thing about this goal is the technique. How Can managed to direct the ball in such a manner from the edge of the box is beyond me and it all looks so natural. Liverpool were chasing a top four finish and this goal was a big factor in them eventually getting it, so this proves it was an important goal too. It’s the complete package you might say.

Cisse vs Chelsea, 2012

Wow Factor: 10
Importance: 6
Technique: 7
Opposition: 9

Back in 2012, Newcastle were enjoying a fantastic season that surprisingly saw them finish fifth. Arguably the most iconic moment of that memorable season for the Magpies was this strike against Chelsea.

It’s a goal that almost defies the laws of gravity with how the ball loops and bends over Peter Cech. It truly was a unique and special goal, we probably won’t see one like it ever again.

Henry vs Manchester United, 2000

WOW Factor: 9
Importance: 9
Technique: 9
Opposition: 9

What else is there to say that hasn’t already been said about this Henry goal. It was scored during the height of the Man U and Arsenal rivalry and the way he flicks the ball up before turning and smashing it into the net. Truly superb.

Kompany vs Leicester, 2019

WOW Factor: 10
Importance: 10
Technique: 7
Opposition: 7

Whilst Kompany’s long range effort against Leicester in 2019 might not stand out automatically when thinking of greatest goals, it’s actually the importance of the strike which elevates it to iconic status.

This goal was arguably the most important moment in the title race between Man City and Liverpool (which might actually go down as the greatest title race of all) and it was such a shock that it came from Vincent Kompany who was never quite known for scoring crackers. Whilst Aguero’s goal against QPR is arguably the most iconic goal of the Premier League era, this Kompany effort is certainly the superior strike.

Taylor vs Everton, 2006

Wow Factor: 10
Importance: 6
Technique: 10
Opposition: 7

And finally we have my personal favourite Premier League goal ever, which is of course Matty Taylor’s stunning volley from almost the halfway line against Everton back in 2006. Whilst this goal might not be as iconic as say Kompany’s or Henry’s goal, this one is just a great one to watch. I remember watching it on Match of the Day and thinking this will never be topped for me and so far, it hasn’t! Do yourself a favour and go rewatch this strike right now! You won’t regret!

And there we have it. Let me know if your favourite made the cut in the comments. Because there are so many great strikes, I might make a second part in the future. As always though, for all things football, keep it on FanHub.

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