Who has the best fans?

Alright, football fans! Plenty has happened in the football world this week and, most importantly, we’re another one closer to being back in the stands where we belong. Get in.

Here’s our latest update from FanHub HQ.

So, who has the best fans?

That’s just one of several questions that have been discussed in pubs up and down the country for decades, but no-one’s been able to definitively prove an answer either way…

Are lower league fans more loyal than Premier League fans? Who are the best supporters in London? Which fans travel in the most numbers in the North West or the North East?

We are really excited about the next FanHub app update, due by the end of this month, which will enable fans to finally see the answers to each of these questions.

Using the data from each FanRating of the fans using the app, we’re producing a league table of all clubs which reflects the performance of a club’s fans rather than the players on the pitch.

If you’ve always felt that your club’s fans are the best in the land, the FanHub app will show you exactly where they rank against the rest.

We can’t wait to see which clubs will be in that top twenty, “the Premier League” of fans, if you like. Who cares if your club has never been higher than League Two – let’s see how your fans compare against the Manchester Uniteds and Liverpools of this world.

Equally fascinating will be to see which clubs are down there at the bottom. You might expect a “newer” club such as Milton Keynes Dons that don’t have the benefit of previous generations of supporters or a “small” club such as Crewe Alexandra to struggle.

Well not from what we’ve seen in the app so far – both clubs have been very well represented already and we’re expecting a fair few surprises when that first league table is published!

Walsall £7k+ fundraiser!

Walsall, like all clubs, have been faced with tough financial decisions over the past twelve months. But that hasn‘t stopped the fans sticking with them all the way – and they‘ve exceeded that over recent weeks.
Led by the Walsall Supporters Alliance and their Chairman Rob Harvey, fans put together a JustGiving fundraising page to donate money towards the club in light of their absence at grounds.
Though the initial aim was to hit £5000, they vastly surpassed that and sit on a whopping £7,220. Incredible.
Speaking to Saddlers.co.uk, CEO Stefan Gamble thanked supporters for their excellent work, and confirmed that the money raised would be put towards helping fund the academy‘s mandatory heart screenings for players aged 16-20, helping detect any potential issues as the younger lads make the step up into the professional game.
Class work, Saddlers fans! A credit to your club, as always.

Midlands men on top!

Well – Gillingham fans might be left a little disappointed after last week’s complete domination!

Congrats to Sky Blues fan mattg2411, Alex fan antcopeland83, and Baggie matt_james44, who have all won themselves a GameChanger shirt for finishing in this week’s top three!

Pole position in the League One table – but narrowly missing out on FanHub! – is Tigers fan joeffu, who still comes in with a very impressive FanRating of 100.

And creeping up just behind are two Crawley Town fans in sollis3103 and andysalmon. The Red Devils are by far and away doing the best in League Two – maybe Bolton and Bradford aren’t as big as we all thought? ?

Thanks for giving this week’s newsletter a read! We hope you’re still loving the app and comfortably sitting above your local rivals’ fans.

Be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s update. Until then, stay safe!

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