We‘ve listened to you!

Hey, football fans! Hope you‘re having a smashing week and enjoying the sun finally being back out across the UK.
We‘ve continued to be blown away by the support for our app, and it‘s great to see so many people enjoying it. Just as we said last week, though – we couldn’t have done any of this without you.
Here‘s this week‘s update from FanHub HQ.

Why Golden Tickets?

If you’ve opened the FanHub app since the weekend, you’ll have noticed that you’ve been allocated a Golden Ticket…though sadly this one won’t give you VIP access to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory!

However, perhaps second only to a trip around a chocoholic’s nirvana, this unique code will allow one of your friends to jump the queue to immediately access the app. With over 800 already in the queue at the time of writing, that’s not a bad perk. And if you don’t have a mate keen to get in, why not help out one of the dozens of fans asking for a ticket on Twitter!

But why have we launched our app in this way, limiting access and providing unique codes to jump the queue?

The answer is simple.

We have a very clear vision for who our app is built for – the real fans that live for going to games to watch their team. It’s very difficult for us to identify that type of person; however, you know exactly who I’m talking about (and you may even go to matches with them), so issuing Golden Tickets to our existing fans is our way of getting the app into the hands of the fans that will get the most out of it.

You only get one at a time, so make sure you use it wisely!

Changes to the FanRating algorithm…

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re making temporary changes to the FanRating algorithm.

Your FanRating – a score out of 100 – depends on four factors: checking into games, either from watching at home or being there; how much content you consume; your miles travelled; and how well do fare in your team predictions.

But, of course, with the current situation, not all of that is possible.

So, as of this week, we’ve tweaked things slightly – and now only those factors that apply to the current situation will be taken into account. As a result, getting a 100 FanRating is now possible!

We’re expecting to see some huge increases in FanRatings this weekend – so make sure to seize the opportunity and get on the app!

Gills‘ leaderboard domination!

Well, there’s one fanbase who have certainly enjoyed themselves on the app this week!

Congrats to emjay85louisgills and upthegills – all, of course, Gillingham fans – who make up this week’s top three! Some real early pacesetters with FanRatings of 55.

But the domination hasn’t stopped there – the Kent side occupying no fewer than all all seven top spots, completely owning the right end of the table. Unbelievable.

Below the sea of blue, we have a few Hull City supporters making up some ground – but a long way to go, still. Elsewhere, Bristol Rovers continue to make up much of the top 25, but have fallen somewhat adrift after last week’s strong start.

But anything can happen at this early stage – and we’re sure we’ll see some big movement this weekend. Gills fans, you’ve got your work cut out to keep hold of those top spots!

Thanks for reading this week‘s FanHub newsletter!
This week marks exactly a year since we last saw a full football stadium in the UK. Sad, we know – but remember that we really are only a few months away now from being back in our grounds and cheering on our teams properly.
In the meantime, though, stay safe, football fans – and keep an eye out for next week’s update!

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