18% of fans do what?!

Hey, football fans! What a week it has been for us at FanHub.

We’ve spent it camped in the top 200 sports apps on the App Store, and that’s all down to the great work of football fans coming together and showing their power. We couldn’t have done any of it without you. Cheers!

Here’s this week’s update from FanHub HQ.

The Myth of Fan Engagement…

Did you know that, according to a recent survey, 18% of fans can spend over 30 hours a week following their clubs? And 9% over 40 hours?

Us football fans are among some of the most loyal people on earth. We live and breathe the game, and often cannot go more than a few minutes without thinking about.

FanHub might be described as a fan engagement platform from a business perspective – but it’s far from it. There is no group on earth that could be more “engaged”, if that’s even the word, than football fans.

Instead, we are building a platform that recognises and rewards the value we fans bring to the game, rather than it lining the pockets of corporates.

We want to see us, the beautiful game’s greatest asset, rightfully commended for our loyalty.

Read more in this week’s business blog here.

Black Cats’ Wembley Fundraiser!

Sunderland fans are an excellent bunch – and they’ve shown this once again in the lead up to their EFL Trophy final this month.

Unfortunately, fans won’t be able to attend the final – but that’s not stopped the Black Cats using the opportunity to make a real difference to peoples’ lives in the North East.

Fan groups, working in liaison with the club themselves and the brilliant Foundation of Light, stuck together the #SunderlandTogether campaign, offering commemorative tickets and hospitality packages to fans looking for something to remember their club’s trip to Wembley.

But the important bit is that all proceeds are going towards supporting the fight in the North East against increased poverty, social isolation and mental health issues due to the Covid-19 pandemic. At the time of writing, the CrowdFunder page stands at a superb £89,000. What an effort.

Nothing short of admirable from Black Cats fans, once again proving the amazing bunch of people they are. All the best with this weekend’s game at Rochdale, as well as your final on the 14th!

Rovers right on top!

Talk about it being a dramatic first week on the app, eh?

The leaderboard is in full swing, and it’s been great seeing so many clubs represented in just week one!

Leading at the top, we have luxt (Bristol Rovers), nickx04 (MK Dons), and liamn utg (another Bristol Rovers fan!). Well done, guys! We’ll be sending each of you a GameChanger shirt as a reward.

But Bristol City fans – where are you? How are you letting your local rivals do one over you like this? Best get nailing those team predictions this week and working on your FanRatings!

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter! It’s been a blast of a first week, and we’re so excited for the next.

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Otherwise, make sure to stay safe, look out for your mates, and keep tuned in for next week’s FanHub update!

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