FanHub Update: They’re taking our money!

Alright there, football fans! Hope you’re well. 

Here’s the latest from FanHub HQ – make sure to stay tuned to the end for some exciting information!

They’re taking our money!

Fans are the biggest driving force in the game – both in the stands, as the twelfth man, but also financially. From match tickets, to travel, to accommodation – it’s our existence and endless passion that makes it all work.

But who is that value actually going to? It’s not going to the clubs, who often scarcely make a profit – even at the top of the game.

It’s instead going to the likes of the media, train companies, and the social networks that use your free content to make themselves a fortune.

At FanHub, we want to change the game and bring that value back to you, the fans, the people who create it. Fans are the ones that are there through thick and thin, creating incredible content for little financial reward, and will always be by their club’s side.

Fans are the driving force behind this game – find out why they deserve to be recognised and rewarded as such in this week’s blog article.

Brilliant Wolves fans raise £22,000!

Wolves’ #10K2MK campaign back in 2014.

Back in November, football witnessed a dark moment as Wolves striker Raúl Jiménez suffered a fractured skull in a Premier League fixture against Arsenal.

The forward was quickly rushed to hospital and, thanks to the great work by both paramedics and club staff, was able to be quickly discharged. He’s still yet to make an appearance since – but his health is the most important thing.

In wake of this, a group of Wolves fans organised a JustGiving page in his honour – the vast majority of the money going towards a Jiménez banner at Molineux to show their support, whilst anything on top would be donated to charities of the striker’s choice.

The initial £7,500 target was smashed within hours of its creation. Since, the page has had just shy £22,000 donated by over 2000 different fans, a magnificent effort – and yet another great example of what football fans can achieve.

The leftover money – over £16,000’s worth – will now be split among UK head injury charity Headway and Jugamos Todos (Let’s All Play), an initiative by the football federation in Raúl’s native Mexico to get more children involved in sport.

Some great work by a classy fanbase. Game changing work, Wolves fans!

Feature Focus: FanRating

At FanHub, our mission is to give fans the recognition they deserve for their loyalty – and one of the main ways we do this is through the app’s FanRating feature.
Your rating is a based on four factors: your consumption of fan content via the Fan Feed; how well you do on each team prediction; your check-ins, either at the game, the pub, or home; and, once we’re all back to normal, your miles travelled. Easy, right?
By improving your FanRating, you move higher up the rankings, above your mates, and closer to the top of the leaderboard. Oh, and most importantly, you can also help your club move above your local rivals and do them over – the best bit.
We’re already seeing plenty of great competition on the app’s leaderboards – and we can’t wait to see how that goes when it’s public!

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