Five Best Christmas Presents for Football Fans

With Christmas now fast approaching, you may be looking for some last minute gifts – but don’t worry, as James has you covered!

We’ve run down five of the best football fan-orientated Christmas gifts for you to buy this week.

5. Club Footballs

Yes, I know this a bit of a strange one to start the list with but, official club footballs are becoming ever more popular. This is especially true for young children, who love nothing more than going for a kick around with their branded football.

Average Price Range: £10- £15


  • Relatively cheap!
  • Can be used as a collector’s item or can be used for actual football.
  • Great for kids.


  • Not the best way to show your love for your club.

4. Retro Tops


Stoke City’s 1983-85 Away Retro


For my fourth pick, I’ve gone for a literal blast from the past. More and more clubs are starting to jump on the retro top bandwagon and, I like it!

Average Price Range: £35-£40


  • Retro tops are very fashionable at the moment.
  • The top might remind you of a great memory.
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other tops.


  • You might already have the top.
  • The kits are often not made by the original kit supplier and therefore might not be the most authentic.

3. The Current Club Top


Man City’s 2020/21 Away Top

‘What? The current teams jersey only at number three?’ I hear you all yell. Whilst this might be the most popular and normally most aesthetically pleasing way to show your affection for your team, there is one glaring issue holding it back, and that’s the fact that current team tops are becoming far too expensive! And this just considering we are looking at the value of a plain top. If you start adding extras such a league patches and a player name or number, and you could be paying an £20 on top of the £70 you have already spent on the top.

Average Price Range: £70-£90


  • It is arguably the best way to show love for your team
  • Most modern tops are of very high quality
  • Current team tops pretty much always look amazing


  • Way too expensive
  • Extras cost to much

2. Club Scarves


Nottingham Forest Scarf

One of the staples of any true fan’s merchandise collection is the a team scarf. Football really wouldn’t be the same without supporters holding these up at matches – is there anything else to say!

Average Price Range: £10-£15


  • Quite cheap
  • Matchday staple
  • Keeps you warm during those aforementioned chilly match days


  • Not for all weathers
  • You can’t wear them that often

1. Training Tops


Arsenal’s 2019/20 Training Top

And for top spot, we have the training top. You might be wondering just why training kits top my list and truthfully it’s quite simple; they are the best value for money! They are current, they sometimes look better than the team kit, they are often quite unique, and obviously they are much cheaper than other similar options.

Average Price Range: £35-£50


  • Great value for money
  • They are often unique
  • You don’t need any expensive extras


  • Not as recognisable

There we have it, five of the best valued club merchandise you can buy. Some honourable mentions include: club water bottles, club calendars and club joggers. Do you think I’ve missed any great valued merch? Do you think that another one should have topped my list? Leave them in the comments below and as always, for everything football, keep it on FanHub.

4 thoughts on “Five Best Christmas Presents for Football Fans”

  1. It is getting harder every year to find some interesting gift for my boyfriend.

    Especially after buying him a soccer improving skills course, which he absolutely loved.

    My best friend is a football coach, so he recommended me training course.

    There is one downside for me, because he started training even more hah, so less time spent with me 🙂

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