The 4 best transfers to make on your Dream Team right now!

Have you fallen behind in your Dream Team league? Is your side as injury ridden as Jurgen Klopp’s backline? Are you wondering how you’re going to claw back that ever-growing deficit? Not to worry, as we’ve got four of the best transfers for you to make to your Dream Team right now!

Hakim Ziyech (Chelsea)

Ziyech playing for Chelsea

For my first pick, I’ve decided to go with one of Chelsea’s new recruits; Hakim Ziyech.

Undervalued by many, Ziyech could be an absolute snatch. On The Sun’s Dream Team he is valued at a meagre £3.7 million and only £9.4 million on the Sky Sports edition, which if anyone has ever seen him play, will know it is a gross undervaluation. The undervaluations might have something to do with the fact that Chelsea’s frontline is stacked already; many thought there was no place for him to fit in to this already incredible attack. Or it could be because Ziyech has only proven himself in the Eredivisie, a league that many have questioned the overall quality of.

However, I would argue these concerns are unfounded. Ziyech has got six goals and eight assists in just 20 Champions League appearances which proves he can perform at the very top level. Supporting this is the fact that he has one goal and three assists in his opening four Premier League games. Transferring him into your Dream Team seems like a no brainer.

Diogo Jota (Liverpool)

Jota playing for Liverpool

Many football fans didn’t expect much from Diogo Jota when he made his £45 million move from Wolves to Liverpool. The now iconic Liverpool front three seemed impenetrable; Jota appeared nothing more than a good option coming off the bench for the Reds. But, oh boy, how we are being seeing otherwise.

Jota really has hit the ground running. He has scored seven goals in just nine games this season and in truth, he looked liked he could have scored more, such is how dangerous he is with the ball at his feet. This has led to Jota being considered for regular first team football at the current Premier League champions.

The minutes he is able to play might be a deciding factor come the end of the current Dream Team season. Jota will be playing in three different competitions so that will be three different opportunities to score the all so valuable points on your Dream Team.

Jota is valued at £6.5 million on the Premier League Dream Team and only 9% of players have picked him. In addition to this, he is valued at £3 million on The Sun’s Dream Team and only 4.4% of players have picked him. You may end up looking like a football genius if he continues his rich run of form.

Edouard Mendy (Chelsea)

Mendy rubbing his hands as the prospect of another clean sheet draws closer

Is your defence shipping to many goals? Do you need a new man between the sticks pronto? Well I advise you do exactly what Frank Lampard did and transfer Edouard Mendy into your team immediately.

The new Chelsea number one has played 360 minutes in the Premier League this season and conceded only one goal whilst simultaneously keeping three clean sheets in the process. Mendy is also impressively yet to concede in his first three Champions League appearances.

No one can deny the incredible calming effect Mendy has had on the previously shaky Chelsea defence since he has arrived. And when you consider only 6.4% of players have picked him on the official Premier League Dream Team and only 9.3% of players have picked him on The Sun’s one, you would be foolish not to take a chance on the man from Senegal.

Tyrone Mings (Aston Villa)

Mings being a rock at the back

Arguably one of the biggest surprises of the first eight games of the season is Aston Villa’s incredible start, and subsequently that of Tyrone Mings. Fans always knew Mings had some real quality but it seems as though it hasn’t fully materialised until now.

Villa have kept four clean sheets – the joint most in the league along with Southampton and Wolves – and Mings has been an integral part of this. The defender really is great value for how many points he is scoring on different Dream Team’s at the moment. For example, he has scored 39 points on The Sun’s Dream Team and he is valued at just £2.5 million.

If your defence is in crisis, make sure to transfer Tyrone Mings into your team straight away.

And there we have it! 4 of the best transfers you can do on any Dream Team right now! Do you think there are any players we should be transferring in also? Please leave them in the comments below. And as always, for all things football, keep it on FanHub. Football without fans is nothing!

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